Basic Fundamentals

The Wonderful World of Asset Management


Well-maintained assets are key to effective production levels.

Do you have an integrated up-to-date detailed register of assets?

Do you know where all your assets are and what condition they are in?

Poorly maintained assets will have a detrimental and sometimes devastating effect on production and company profits, due to machine breaks, waste material, and a host of other issues. If you are seeking to improve the effectiveness of your organisation or maintenance function, then welcome to The Wonderful World of Asset Management.

Course 01: Has Anyone Seen my Assets

How good is your Asset Management System because all inefficiencies come out of profits?

Wasted money that could have been and should have been contributing to profits. Get to grips with a firm understanding of what Asset Management is all about

Course 02: The Cycle of Life

An introduction to the Asset Life Cycle. The importance of compiling an accurate Asset Register and how to do so.

Course 03: Are My Assets Ready for the Job

What condition are your assets in and they up for the job needed?

The importance of being able to assess the condition of your assets and how to keep them in good efficient working condition.

Course 04: Time to Say Goodbye

To replace or not to replace that is the question.

The final three elements of the life cycle. Replacement Costing, Valuation, and Disposal of assets.

Course 05: Asset Care Drivers

The Asset Care Management System is the engine that drives the Asset Life Cycle. Meet the necessary drivers.

Course 06: Asset Performance Management Components

The essential components that make an effective performance management system.

Course  Duration

This is a self-paced learning course you will have 45 days to complete the course series from the date of receiving your login link.

Course Delivery

Once payment has been made, you will be registered on the system and a link will be released for you to access the course.

Course Outcome

These Courses will provide us with a solid basic understanding of what Asset Management is all about and will establish for us a foundation on which we can move forward through the remaining courses of this training series.

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