Project Shutdown


Shutdowns are often very complex to handle and plan and although most of the work can be pre-planned, there will always be a large unknown element of work that will arise.

No matter how well a plant is run or how high its efficiency is a shutdown period will be required to maintain it.

Are your production levels not meeting the required standards?

Do you need to restore production to acceptable levels?

Is your plant not running as efficiently as it should?

Do you have a legal requirement to inspect or complete specific maintenance which cannot be dealt with through normal maintenance processes?

All of the above questions and more are solid reasons for initiating a shutdown project.

Welcome to Project Shutdown – Explore the process required to plan for and achieve a successful Shutdown operation.

Course 01: What is Project Shutdown

The purpose of shutdown maintenance is to create a plan for a complete stoppage of all plant activities in order to perform necessary maintenance that cannot be handled through standard maintenance procedures during factory standard operational hours.

Course 02: Map Out The Needs

What are the issues we need to resolve? In this course, we are going to focus on identifying those critical needs through the use of a Project Charter and Project Scope initiative.

Course 03: Plan the Shutdown

Shutdown project planning is a process that refers to everything that needs to be done to ensure the shutdown is successfully completed.

Course 04: Resourcing

Identify the resources required and pull the team together through the use of a kick-off meeting and a scheduling process and technique.

Course 05: Make it Happen

This course will concentrate on the actual implementation of the shutdown project and will also address the topic of identifying and completing Pre-implementation work.

Course 06: Safe Landing

All that remains is to successfully close the project down. Sounds simple enough but is so often forgotten in the busyness of a new work year.

Course  Duration

This is a self-paced learning course you will have 45 days to complete the course series from the date of receiving your login link.

Course Delivery

Once payment has been made, you will be registered on the system and a link will be released for you to access the course.

Course Outcome

These Courses will provide us with a solid basic understanding of what Project Shutdown is all about and will establish for us a foundation on which we can move forward through the remaining courses of this training series.

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